Monday, May 12, 2014

Savannah Weekend

Just like most Friday nights for the past year and a half, I packed my crap and set sail for Savannah this weekend. This time was different though since the only thing I brought home was an empty bag. Everything else stayed in Georgia.

Of course, I was also heading down I-95 with a short stack of resumes and an interview lined up for Saturday morning. Not a regular occurrence when I go to visit Jen.

I met with Jeff from Full Moon Tours at a local coffee shop Saturday. We discussed the requirements for a tour guide license and my potential role with his tour group. If all goes as planned, I would be responsible for one haunted pub tour a week, herding a group of tourists around the historic district, guiding them to a few bars and throwing stories at them that they're likely not paying attention to.

I like this idea because I would work once a week for maybe 2.5 hours, leaving an abundance of time for base miles, napping and reading. Of course, it also means attempting to live off of $50+tips a week, and I don't know if I can ride 20 hours a week on ramen.

The interview went well, but I decided to drop off a few resumes around town, including at the coffee shop where we met. After discussing their training process and how they avoid college student employees who leave every few months, the owner left me under the impression that I'd need to keep looking. Despite my resume listing a home address 3 hours away, I got a text shortly after offering me a shift from 3-10pm. I didn't go in.

Following up on my morning interview, Jen and I went to Jeff's tour that evening at 7:30. I wouldn't say I believe in ghosts but I think ghost stories are fun and, at their most basic level, they're just spooky history stories. I am a history major, after all.

I have a feeling that most of the folks on the tour were just there to take advantage of Savannah's open container law but it was a good time. The decibel levels definitely rose after the third and final bar, but no one was out of hand. I'm pretty positive I can bring the necessary energy to make the ~2 hour tours fun, and not go crazy dealing with drunks and ghouls.

Since I'm not riding right now, we slept in Sunday and went down to Whole Foods for breakfast from the hot bar. I always forget how pricey that is until I pile a pound and a half of potatoes and eggs on the compostable plate.

We took advantage of having an entire day without obligations and got in the car for a trip to Statesboro to spend the afternoon in the sun. Our friend Matt will be moving away from Statesboro soon but I'm going to need to figure out an excuse to go back. I think there are more dirt roads than paved in that town.

I showed off my athletic prowess throwing the football around and climbed a tree. A solid wrap to a fun, bike-free weekend. It's nice to remember normal life every once in a while.

Just a few more weeks until "summer break". Which means that base miles, and a semi-permanent Savannah State of Mind are right around the corner. I'm looking forward to it, but not the ramen.

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